Historic Commission

So along with all the other foibles of owning a historic home we also need to get the approval of the local historic commission for any large (and sometimes smallish) changes to the exterior of the house. We presented at tonight’s meeting.

Items included in our application:

  1. Painting the front door purple (Valspar Oatland Violet)
  2. Removing a chain link fence and replacing it with a wooden privacy fence
  3. Replacing all 22 windows
  4. Replacing the storm doors
  5. Replacing the broken and rotting lattice under the porch
  6. Replacing the gutted gravel driveway with cement parking strips
  7. Replacing the gable work. The only thing that wasn’t approved by the historic commission. They want us to leave our current, fragile, gable up until we can get a replica rather than replacing it with a PVC alternative. Custom millwork items are surprisingly expensive. And if they’re not surprisingly expensive they’re surprisingly expensive to ship. How fun.

The gable for reference. You can see a spindle along the top is broken and it just looks in poor shape.


Following the meeting we stopped by the house and found the kitchen completely demo’ed down to the studs, the first floor bathroom flooring removed, and the pantry/nook area shelving demo’ed. Progress!
bathroom1 bathroom2 kitchen1 kitchen2 kitchen3 kitchen4

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