Hit a Lull

Things are kind of quiet this week. We’re waiting to hear back about measurements for the kitchen and the status of the draw. We’ve also been busy with work/cat health problems.

Last Sunday we did manage to get the rest of the front garden area dug out and planted with some (birthday!) annuals. Loving the purple. We’re not all the way there yet but the front is looking nice. For the outside we still need to finish up the lattice work, add barriers behind the existing lattice, and add mulch. That will be this weekend’s goals, along with scraping paint from the porch.

20160410_182112 20160410_182146

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The First Draw

So we’re at the point where we need to make the first draw. A draw is what happens when the 203k contractor has completed enough of the work, at cost to him, to get reimbursed from the bank/loan. The contractor submits an expense sheet, the 203k consultant inspects the work and signs off, and then the bank cuts a check.

New doorway into the kitchen.
The reading nook transformed into a laundry/pantry.
The old kitchen doorway being closed off.
New plumbing, hurray.
The rotted boards of the porch have been replaced.
This area was particularly problematic with rot, particularly since it holds up the rest of the porch.
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