May Updates

Life has been a whirlwind for the last few weeks. I landed in the hospital with a kidney infection roughly three weeks ago. The week after that I was out of state for a week-long work-related conference, and then following that my in-laws were in town for a good portion of the week helping us with the bathroom.

Lots of house-related happenings in the meantime, so where do things stand now?


The bathroom was completely demolished by the second Friday in May. Gordon largely gets credit for this (and a cousin, because we couldn’t have finished this without his help. Like literally could not have, thanks Noah!) because at this point I was in the hospital. Not the kind of vacation I envisioned having.

The 1950’s bathroom from hell. This was 2 inches of concrete, mesh, and hatred.
Walls are gone!
A cool piece of history we found in the wall. Apparently the store closed 20 years ago.


Gordon’s parents came and helped us hang cement board, build out walls, and tile the shower backing and the floor. Things actually look like a bathroom now. We finishing up the grouting, mudding, and painting ourselves.

20160515_150851 20160515_120845

2016-05-17-4 20160517_204035 2016-05-17 2016-05-18-2 2016-05-18   20160517_205044



We had kitchen cabinets delivered at the beginning of May. They are now 98% installed (the missing 2% is because we screwed up on a cabinet size and got a replacement but forgot to grab molding). We also picked out kitchen and laundry room flooring tile. We now just need appliances (delivery scheduled for June 11th) and countertop before the kitchen is done.

20160517_212504 20160517_212506 20160517_212528


In addition to the kitchen and bathroom being worked on the hardwood floors have been finished. The upstairs was painted a horrible brown color.

Upstairs Before
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Hit a Lull

Things are kind of quiet this week. We’re waiting to hear back about measurements for the kitchen and the status of the draw. We’ve also been busy with work/cat health problems.

Last Sunday we did manage to get the rest of the front garden area dug out and planted with some (birthday!) annuals. Loving the purple. We’re not all the way there yet but the front is looking nice. For the outside we still need to finish up the lattice work, add barriers behind the existing lattice, and add mulch. That will be this weekend’s goals, along with scraping paint from the porch.

20160410_182112 20160410_182146

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The First Draw

So we’re at the point where we need to make the first draw. A draw is what happens when the 203k contractor has completed enough of the work, at cost to him, to get reimbursed from the bank/loan. The contractor submits an expense sheet, the 203k consultant inspects the work and signs off, and then the bank cuts a check.

New doorway into the kitchen.
The reading nook transformed into a laundry/pantry.
The old kitchen doorway being closed off.
New plumbing, hurray.
The rotted boards of the porch have been replaced.
This area was particularly problematic with rot, particularly since it holds up the rest of the porch.
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Scope of Work

So I’ve covered the hows, whys, and the basics of what a 203k loan actually is. Here’s a list of our bid sheet. This is everything that we are having done, per the 203k loan, on the house.

  1. Chimney Repair
    1. Tuck point
    2. Install new aluminum flashing
  2. Porch repair
    1. Replace rotted boards
  3. Sidewalk repair
    1. Replace missing sections
  4. Concrete driveway
    1. Replace gravel with strips
  5. Exterior Woodwork
    1. Replace/paint as necessary
  6. Interior and exterior caulking
    1. As necessary
  7. Privacy fence
    1. Replace old chain link fence
  8. Trim trees
    1. Lots and lots of squirrels here.
  9. Replace windows
    1. 20 of them.
  10. Paint 3 exterior doors
  11. Install 3 new screen doors
  12. Move opening from kitchen from left to right side.
  13. Drywall repair
  14. Make dining room nook into a laundry room/pantry
    1. Includes plumbing
  15. Refinish hardwood floors
    1. Approx 1000sf (4 rooms-ish)
  16. Replace entryway/half bath floor with tile
  17. Plumbing for kitchen
  18. Allowance for plumbing repairs
  19. New 50Gal water heater
  20. New sump pump
  21. Remove oil tank
  22. Replace electrical panel
  23. GFCI to kitchen
  24. New smoke detectors
  25. New Gas Furnace and AC
  26. New ductwork
  27. New insulation in attic
  28. New insulation in basement crawl space
  29. Kitchen Cabinets and Flooring
  30. Kitchen Countertop
  31. New Appliances
  32. Mold remediation of basement and attic
    1. Not a huge amount but enough that should be resolved.
  33. Demo existing baseboard heating
  34. Building permits and fees
  35. Architectural/Engineering fees.
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